Broadband Fibre Optic Service Provider Solutions

Concentrate on what you do best. Metrofibre networx deliver Carrier Class Ethernet Managed Bandwidth and Lambda Services over the “Last Mile” connecting Service and Application Providers to their customers. Our Network is Open Access Service, to all Service and Application Providers.

Times are challenging for all Service and Application Providers in South Africa. The dynamics of the industry are placing immense pressures on all organizations as they seek to meet the bandwidth, quality, technical and SLA requirements of end-customer networks.

Everyone is trying to reduce their cost base, and to make the most of business opportunities quickly and effectively. Metrofibre networx Wholesale Access Solutions will help you make the most of business opportunities.

As your Last Mile Network partner you benefit not only from a highly secure “Open Access” Carrier Class Ethernet Network that is designed to provide a high-level of Performance Assurance (SLA) based on the Metro Ethernet Form (MEF) Standard.

We help you build incremental revenues faster; and we extend your network capabilities further. And we can do all that whilst, at the same time, reducing your operational overheads.