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South Africa’s businessman and billionaire Patrice Motsepe joins the race to connect South African households to faster broadband, which has the capacity to change people’s lives and connect them to the global economy. Motsepe’s firm African Rainbow Capital announced on Monday it has bought 18,14%...
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There is a strong interest in adopting Carrier Ethernet by South African companies if the responses at the recent Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and Lifecycle Service Orchestration Seminar are anything to go by. This is according to the organisers of the event – the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), a non-profit...
Metrofibre Networx has upgraded its network, deploying ADVA Optical Networking's Metro DWDM 100Gbps solution, with a capacity of multiple terabytes per second. This solution is managed by the ADVA Optical Networking Management Platform, which enables efficient provisioning and management of...