Open Access Metro DWDM Network

InfiNetMetro is an “open access” Metro DWDM Network that offers high-speed, private dedicated optical services from 1Gbps to 100Gbps. Our DWDM network is highly secure and protocol transparent, offering network connectivity in single or multiple Lambdas for point-to-point or multipoint configurations.

Being highly managed, secure and transparent  InfiNetMetro™ can support a variety of applications and solutions and ideal  for Enterprise institutions needing mission critical reliable data transmissions to support large financial applications, such as, Interconnection of local area and storage networks, Disaster recovery and Off-site data backup. 

With flexible network design configurations supporting both point-to-point and multi-point configurations InfiNetMetro™ supports the following native protocols without the need to purchase additional protocol translation equipment; Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ESCON, and FICON.

While supporting single to multiple Lambdas on a single fibre pair and data rates up to 100Gbps, the cost for future bandwidth growth and technology is incremental.

The InfiNetMetroTM Network is a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Lambda service deploying intelligent Reconfigurable Optical Add and Drop Multiplexers (ROADM) designed to offer up to 100Gbps optical circuits. 

The Lambda Service allows the Service Provider to purchase single or multiple wavelengths in a point-to-point or multi-point configuration. Lambda Services provide businesses with an efficient and scalable way to connect mainframes, data centers, and storage networks within a metropolitan area.

This high-bandwidth optical network makes it possible for many data streams to travel over the same pair of fiber by utilising different colours of light.

This is delivered as an unprotected or protected signal using DWDM/ROADM. Its flexibility lends itself as a protocol-independent universal optical open access Network.


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Performance based SLA

Performance based SLA


Guaranteed availability




Response time

Within 4hrs

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Within 10hrs

Performance assurance monitoring


Network redundancy

Customer site

Dual fibre entry

Back-up UPS

Highly managed network interface device (NID) with Dual PSU



Highly managed network interface device (NID) with single PSU


A persistent question of users and network operations is how well is the network operating? Quick, consistent transport of traffic across the network is very important. Customers are demanding that Service Providers maintain more stringent network performance of which are formalize with Service Level Agreements (SLA's). 

Here at Metrofibre networx our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) have been specifically designed to ensure customers uptime of the network and the end-to-end service traffic performance. 

Performance Assurance

For best traffic performance assurance guarantees, we track and measure the performance of traffic transiting across the entire Metrofibre networx, from customer interface to customer interface, with our Network Performance Management system that collects, monitors and measures end-to-end application performance. for each 

Our InfiNetMetroTM applications are monitored across our network centrally at our state of the art Metrofibre Networx Operations Center (MNOC).

Network-Uptime Assurance 

For the best network-uptime assurance guarantees, we ensure that our network designs have sufficient resiliency built-in to meet the most stringent of Service Level Agreements.