Metrofibre networx™ is a Carrier Class, fibre optic Open Access infrastructure, based on Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services types providing managed broadband, over the “Last Mile” connecting Service and Application Providers to their customers, specifically the Small, to Medium Enterprise (SME). The Metrofibre networx enable Managed Bandwidth Services of 2Mbps up to 1Gbps between customer and their preferred service provider.  The Metrofibre networx interconnects all services be they, Internet Access, E-mail, hosting, voice or even disaster recovery type data, passing through all the major commercial areas. As soon as a building is linked on to the Metrofibre networx infrastructure, any number of service providers may now deliver, high speed, services to the tenants. In each highly populated commercial area, “Access Rings” will saturate the area delivering fibre to the premises.

Features and Benefits

  • Open Access Metro  Ethernet Network
  • Open to All Service Providers on Equal Terms
  • Tenants have a Choice of  Services from any number of Service Providers and is Not Restricted in Choice:
  • Internet Access
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Priority Data Services
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery Services
  • Application Hosting
  • Mobile Access and Backhaul Services
  • Bundle VPN (VLANs)
  • No Cost to the Property Owner.
  • Free Fibre/Ducting Connection into the Premises
  • Properties will have World  class Broadband Fibre Connectivity:
  • Bandwidth Options  From 2Mbps -1Gbps
  • End-to-End Service Level Agreements  
  • Performance Assurance Guarantees with Levels of Performance Reliability based on:
  • Quality (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS)
  • Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Compliant Network
  • International accepted network, which guarantees service delivery across Multiple Operator/Provider Networks

Get Our Fibre

Metrofibre Networx Fibre (FTTB) will be rolled out to approved developments as follows:

  • Once a development site has been approved, and sufficient consensus has been given by tenants Metrofibre will:
  • Upon pre-approval of the infrastructure, Metrofibre will lease a section / unit of the site from the developers to start deploying the infrastructure
  • Our approved partners will then offer their fibre and other services to the tenants. These preliminary orders will then be processed by Metrofibre.
  • Once the infrastructure is set-up and working, all preliminary orders will be confirmed, and the tenant installations will take place.


Let us manage the process of getting the infrastructure in place. Once the Metrofibre infrastructure has been installed in an area of your interest, you as a service provider can hire fibre from us to provide the service to your clients.
Contact us today to discuss you and your customers’ custom needs.