MetroFibre’s IP Transit offers carrier-grade dedicated Internet Services. Once connected, you can scale and optimise your current broadband offerings as well as lower support and transit costs, while supporting next generation IP services.
Our service offers Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VOIP Operators, Content Network Providers (CDN) and Wireless Service Providers (WISPs) with high-speed, granular capacity of up to 10 Gigabits per second on a single interface. Ethernet interfaces allow for rapid upgrades to ensure the service can meet the evolving needs of our customer’s networks.

Quality and service assurance

Being a globally compliant carrier ethernet 3.0 network with multiple subsea & terrestrial routes, low-latency on-net CDN caching servers, 99.9% SLAs, without the need to make large investments in their own infrastructure.

Ideal for

Carriers & Operators
Small, medium & large ISPs
WISPs content
OTT providers

Features and benefits

Globally compliant carrier ethernet 3.0 network
High capacity dedicated data rates up to 10Gbps
Assured performance with 99.9% guaranteed
Service availability
Low latency and packet loss
Meshed East & West subsea cable systems
Terrestrial connectivity
Connections to all major Gauteng data centres