The Customer Care Agent must provide
support to the ISP clients (Aitsa / GigaGo /
MFN). The Customer Care Agent must act as
the first level client support of the ISP’s. The
Customer Care Agent is the point of contact
for customers with queries about orders and
any other queries received after a sale was
made (after sales support). Must be a good
communicator, working with other
departments that are responsible for fulfilling
orders or providing service to customers. The
agent must be fully versed in Afrikaans and
English. The Customer Care Agent must
have good clerical and computer skills. The
Customer Care Agent must contribute to
quality customer service and service
excellence and help the FTTH ISP’s meet
their targets. The Customer Care Agent is the
most important first level contact with the
clients and must treat the clients with the
utmost respect, care and dignity at all
relevant times.

 The Customer Care Agent is responsible for assisting all ISP clients and the whole of MFN
(ISP’s included) with first level support, including but not limited to the following:
 All sales support and administration queries.
 Assisting the sales team with customer queries, both internally and telephonically.
 Assist customers that phone MetroFibre to enquire about products and services.
 Be flexible and creative in dealing with customers.
 Processing enquiries via email accurately.
 Answer customer queries, telephonically or via email.
 Multi-task in a high stress environment.
 Stay up-to-date with new products and features.
 Timeously identify potential bottlenecks or delays.
 Always close tickets and provide feedback to the customer.
 It remains the sole responsibility of the Customer Care Agent to close all customer
 To adequately troubleshoot all customer queries before escalating to second level
 The Customer Care Agent must be at work and on shift as designated by his/her
superior and/or as per the company requirements which may change from time to time


Qualifications Required:
 National Senior Certificate (Matric)