The purpose of this position is to build, inspect, troubleshoot, repair or otherwise maintain the
integrity of the company’s fiber optic cables which includes blown fibre solutions. Responsible
for the proper construction preparation, splicing, bonding and record-keeping of all new fiber
optic nodes, fiber cables, splice enclosures and all other related hardware enclosures.

 Read and interpret engineering plans, vendor specifications for the installation and
repair optic and electronic equipment, and interact with the Engineering Group.
 Perform blown fibre installations and fibre splicing operations in connection with the
installation, rearrangement, and repair outside plant facilities. This includes fiber cable,
wire, terminals, loop carrier electronics and light guide facilities and various fiber optic
applications which may be aloft, underground, or buried.
 Locate and clear troubles in outside plant facilities (fiber optic).
 Use test equipment to check for gas in manholes and may have to empty water from
 Place and remove protective coverings over sheath openings.
 Work aloft; climb ladders and poles; enter tunnels, buildings, trenches, crawl spaces,
manholes, and other confined spaces to accomplish job tasks.
 Work outdoors in all reasonably safe weather conditions.
 Perform light digging operations as required.
 Test, locate and repair defects in fibers for fiber optic cables, using electrical and
mechanical testing apparatus.
 Install, repair, inspect and maintain inside cables, wires and plug-in equipment to
connect telecommunication systems and equipment, including dark fiber and fiber
and/or equipment including but not limited to routers, and related hardware.
 Promote the sale of services and products which the company is permitted to provide.
 Read and interpret vendor specifications for optic and electronic equipment. Identify
and meet individual customer requirements on provisioning and/or repair contacts.
 Identify data base discrepancies by performing proactive preventive maintenance and
provide corrected information to appropriate individuals.
 Complete all related administrative paperwork, time sheets, etc. daily.
 Training of junior technicians
 Ensure all consumables replenished daily & correct equipment, materials for each

 Fibre Splicing (fusion splicing).
 OTDR Splicing.
 Matric.
 Health and Safety knowledge/training.