Mar 23, 2023

MetroFibre launches new brand identity with major speed and pricing enhancements for new customers

“The Home of Fast” – this is the new brand identity and promise that MetroFibre will launch to the market on 23 March 2023, marked by the rollout of unmatched real fibre speed and pricing deals for new direct FTTH customers. Existing loyal MetroFibre customers had access to these deals from 1 March 2023 prior to their launch to the broader market. The move by the country’s third largest fibre network operator (FNO) represents a major drive to make high quality, real fibre speeds and service, affordable and accessible in all homes.

Based on extensive market research of what consumers really want, MetroFibre’s new brand launch and overhaul of its line speeds, package pricing and service level agreements is ultimately focused on customer centricity, giving Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) customers an unrivalled edge in connectivity, cost and performance. This comes at a time when hybrid work and IoT are increasingly requiring a quality fibre solution for homes, and where the number of devices connecting to home Wi-Fi networks at any one time is increasing exponentially.

“It’s important to point out that ‘The Home of Fast’ encapsulates everything about our fibre offering – from the line speed to quick installation, activation and support. Our FTTH customers want and need the same speed and efficiency in every facet of their fibre connectivity as businesses do.  It was very clear from the research that our customers are looking for much higher speeds, cost-efficiency, quality and service levels that only fibre can consistently deliver. As their needs have evolved rapidly, our response to those needs must move at pace too, so small incremental enhancements in speeds or pricing alone are not going to demonstrate the power of real fibre speeds. Consumers need quality technology, efficient service levels, lower latency, and symmetrical, ultra-fast speeds that are all about affordability. This is about giving our customers exceptional value for money on a quality fibre product and network – we are starting at 250Mbps at unbeatable value for money, where all other internet connectivity solutions stop,” explains Jan-Jan Bezuidenhout, CEO of MetroFibre.

Package pricing for New MetroFibre Direct Customers – effective 23 March 2023:

    • MetroFibre’s 20Mbps symmetrical, uncapped packages will be priced at R399/pm incl VAT. This is an ideal solution for customers whose needs can be easily met with an affordable 20Mbps uncapped data solution.
    • Launch of a new 250Mbps symmetrical, uncapped package for R799/pm incl VAT (at the same time, discontinuing the 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 200Mbps packages – based on extensive market research that shows customers want more speed and uncapped data.)
  • Dramatically reduced pricing on 500Mbps symmetrical, uncapped package to R1099/pm incl VAT.
  • Dramatically reduced pricing on 1 Gbps/500Mbps uncapped package to R1249/pm incl VAT.

MetroFibre’s pay-as-you-go MetroConnect 20Mbps product which remains unchanged, is an affordable 20Mbps uncapped solution with various time-based packages ranging from R20/pd to R400/pm, solving the costly mobile capped data dilemma for customers in their homes where unlimited data over fibre has not been accessible until now.MetroFibre’s direct FTTH customers can access massively enhanced fibre speeds – up to 5x faster – at dramatically reduced pricing and excellent value for money compared to what they would have paid one year ago.  To contextualise – this means that customers now receive 250Mbps at almost the same price as 50Mbps package would have cost them a year ago.  Both the 500Mbps and 1Gbps/500Mbps packages are now R551 and R701 cheaper, respectively, than they were one year ago. A customer can now get a 500Mbps package at a lower cost than what a 100Mbps package would have cost them a year ago, and can get 1Gbps/500Mbps at almost the same price that a 200Mbps package would have cost in 2022.

Customer Support enhancements for new and existing direct MetroFibre customers:

  • No fibre Installation (Termination Point) fee with a new service order – up to 20m (from the street to the installation point) installation included at no cost.
  • Faster installation & activation times – where a customer requires a fibre termination point installation, MetroFibre will have it installed and activated within 7 days from order in all live areas, and if the fibre termination installation is already complete, customers will be connected within 72 hours.
  • 24/7/365 support for all residential customers – customers will receive around the clock support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through multiple channels including direct messaging via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, via phone call, email, log their own ticket on the Customer Portal or a live chat on MetroFibre’s website.
  • No Lengthy contracts and No Cancellation fee – only two business days’ cancellation notice is required before the end of the month.
  • 24-Hour Repair time – On average, MetroFibre resolves issues within 24 hours. Non-standard repairs such as major breaks like floods, earthquakes may take longer.

“The reality is that our lives have changed dramatically over the last three years and having quality fibre connectivity at home that can handle our data-intensive lifestyles, at an affordable price, is crucial.  Our FTTH users need a more robust, faster line speed at home backed by great service and support levels, that can accommodate the multiple devices of entire family units that connect simultaneously, as well as meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world of IoT and hybrid work. “The Home of Fast” is all about future proofing our homes and lives in a rapidly changing world of work, learning and entertainment through quality fibre technology, and real fibre speeds at an affordable price for consumers,” concludes Jan-Jan.

Launched in 2010, MetroFibre ranks among the top three fibre network operators in South Africa in terms of number of homes passed, with its open-access network currently passing over 440,000 homes with 126 000 homes connected in five provinces across South Africa. The fibre network operator aims to densify its existing networks to reach an additional 500,000 residential homes across the country by 2025. MetroFibre owns and manages its core network which is a globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 3.0 open access network.