MetroFibre launches its first Fibre Experience Store in Thembisa

MetroFibre Networx launched its first ‘Fibre Experience’ store in Thembisa today, giving impetus to a […]
Dec 1,2023

MetroFibre Networx rolls out 100km business fibre network ring in Cape Town’s business hubs

Fibre infrastructure is being rolled out at pace in Cape Town’s burgeoning business hubs by […]
Nov 16,2023

Why Am I Not Getting 1Gig Speeds on my devices even though I have a 1Gig FTTH service?

You may have a 1Gbps fibre connection, but may find that when you do a […]
Aug 30,2023

MetroFibre launches new brand identity with major speed and pricing enhancements for new customers

“The Home of Fast” – this is the new brand identity and promise that MetroFibre […]
Mar 23,2023

MetroFibre Networx achieves Level 1 BBBEE Rating

MetroFibre Networx has achieved a Level One (1) BBBEE rating for 2023 under the ICT […]
Mar 14,2023

Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection

There is nothing quite like a slow, buffering internet connection to get you frustrated. And […]
Mar 10,2023
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