The Experience

Everything you need to get connected if you already have our fibre infrastructure.

What makes MetroFibre different.

  • We have good relationships with many role-players in the property industry and understand the requirements of residents, body corporates and developers. We can design the solutions to suit every development from high-density developments to high-end properties.
    Throughout the duration of the project, you will have a single contact person at MetroFibre that will be able to address any questions and concerns that you may have.
  • The technology that we provide has been designed to deliver full symmetrical speeds enabling our customers to experience the same speed when uploading or downloading content.
  • Once we reach the agreed milestones our dedicated teams will be on site installing the fibre, and your residents will be connected as soon as they move in.
  • Once our project is live and all the initial customers have been connected, customers are free to connect to the ISP of their choice.
  • Real Speeds - We have been tested independently and the tests back our claims.

What we offer

As a Network Provider.

We ensure a highly secure “Open Access” Carrier Class Ethernet Network that is designed to provide a high-level of Performance Assurance (SLA) based on the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Standard.

As a Service Provider.

We are able to give your residents high quality internet, Voice and other services at very competitive prices.

As a Last Mile Network partner.

You benefit not only from our high-quality network, but you have a choice of service providers.