When staying connected at reduced costs is a priority


MetroFone Mobile App

Start saving on calls and more with our special pricing when you sign up.
  • Free calls between MetroFibre Customers
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Free App to App messaging and video calling
  • Save up to 50% on outbound calls
  • Call any number in South Africa from your MetroFone Mobile Application.
*Not currently available on Huawei app store and as such does not work on these phones

Call any local mobile or landline number for as little as 0.56c per minute (incl VAT)!

All prices include VAT. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Features And Benefits

Keep your mobile number. The app connects through your existing number.
0.56c per minute, per second billing (incl VAT).
Free on-network app-to-app calls
International calls enabled upon request.
Month-to-month contracts.
No airtime needed when calling on Wi-Fi to any number countrywide.
Calls are made over Wi-Fi or mobile networks.
You’ll receive an 087, 010 or 012 number that’s automatically linked to your mobile phone number.
App-to-app video calling is enabled.
Port your existing mobile number to your MetroFone Mobile Application.
Includes call recording directly onto your device.
Works independently to your mobile number.

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