The way we use Wi-Fi is evolving rapidly. With more users, more devices, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, your home Wi-Fi needs to be better than ever before.

Fast, reliable and accessible from anywhere

The problem is, standard Wi-Fi sometimes falls short. Connectivity and performance don’t always extend to every corner of your home. In fact, research shows that more than half of broadband households experience problems with Wi-Fi. With the Mesh-enhanced Carrier
class Wi-Fi solution, you get the best possible online experience on every device, no matter where you go in your home.

Why Mesh

When combined with the MetroFibre router, Mesh meets all your Wi-Fi needs for speed, coverage and more.
  • A single, seamless network for all your devices
  • Wi-Fi everywhere you roam in your home
  • The fastest band for whatever device you’re using.
  • Easy to install.

Are Wi-Fi extenders the same thing?

Not exactly. The Mesh solution enlarges your existing network, while Wi-Fi extenders create new networks next to, or overlapping, your existing one. This means you have to set up your devices to recognise and use your new network, and they still may not switch to the best network automatically as you move around. As long as they’re getting some kind of signal, they may stay connected to the weakest network in your home and you’ll have to switch them manually or where a device connects to one of your networks but not to another, because there’s a conflict with devices already connected.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Like your current Wi-Fi network, Mesh Wi-Fi uses a router to transmit the Wi-Fi signal your devices connect to. What’s different is that it combines the router with a series of small wireless devices called satellites, which you place in different rooms in your home. These satellites communicate with the router and provide you with a strong Wi-Fi signal every- where, whether it’s your bedroom, your home office, or even your backyard. What’s more, once you’re connected to your Mesh Wi-Fi network, there’s nothing else you need to do. You can roam freely in your home with any of your devices and not have to worry about losing your connection or dealing with poor performance. The Mesh Wi-Fi system knows where you and your device are at all times and connects you to the nearest

Features of Mesh

Dual-band Support

Dual-band support means that the Mesh has two Wi-Fi radios; high bandwidth applications (like video) are routed to the 5 GHz band, while lower bandwidth activities use the 2.4 GHz band.

Band and Node Steering

Our MetroFibre routers continually assesses the network and “steers” your traffic to either the Mesh satellite or our MetroFibre router, using whichever device or radio/band will give you the best performance.

Beamforming Technology

Beamforming technology improves performance and reduces interference by focusing the wireless signal directly to your device.


2 300
*Excludes the installation of the ethernet cable should it be required.
*MetroFibre has an independent contractor that assists with purchase and installation of the Calix Mesh Wi-Fi extender.
*Including VAT

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