The Process

If you’ve been waiting for fibre to be rolled out in your area, we have good news: it’s on its way! This brochure will tell you how the fibre installation process works and why fibre from MetroFibre is the way to go.

First steps: Fibre infrastructure – laying the fibre

We begin with the planning and infrastructure roll-out phase:

1. Planning.

MetroFibre scans and surveys the area for an optimal construction method with least disruption.

2. Fibre infrastructure is rolled out

Either via micro-trenching or traditional hand trenching in a public council-owned area.

3. Construction.

MetroFibre works with contractors to trench and install fibre (civil works). Complex/Estate fibre infrastructure is installed as per detailed fibre plans that were signed off by Body Corporate/HOA.

4. Reinstatement.

Once the fibre is in the ground, MetroFibre replaces the grass, paving or other ground covering.

5. Boundary box and Termination Point (TP) location.

MetroFibre determines the best positions for boundary boxes outside the property and offers to install a fibre TP in your home.

6. You sign the TP order form

Giving permission for installation of fibre in your home.

7. Connecting the fibre.

When all the fibre points are installed, the fibre is connected to the main network and lit up.

8. Internet Service Provider (ISP) installation.

Your home is fibre- ready. Sign up with an ISP and they will deliver your router.

9. Enjoy!

You enjoy your new fibre connection!