Fast internet – In Afrikaans!
Feb 4, 2019

Fast internet – In Afrikaans!

MetroFibre Networx (MFN) has launched, an ISP that will focus on providing connectivity (fibre and ADSL) services to the Afrikaans market.  According to the head of, Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg, this ISP is the most recent initiative of MetroFibre Networx, after its 2018 launch of

“ is about embracing the diversity of South Africa. We believe that every South African should be able to partake in the economy and receive products and services in the same language in which they think, dream and speak. Therefore, the purpose of the project is not just to sell a service, but to actively support the inclusive promotion of Afrikaans within a multi-lingual context. has also launched a bursary fund aimed at assisting deserving and needy young South Africans,” Jansen van Rensburg said.

Like its counterpart, provides uncapped, unshaped, and unthrottled packages. Fibre prices normally vary significantly between network providers, which makes it difficult for customers to discern the differences in quality of service and value of money. resolves this problem through its standard pricing model. An client, whether in Cape town, Pretoria, Johannesburg or Bloemfontein will get the same service at the same price. customers will be able to visit the website to check whether there is fibre in the area, choose a package which suits them, and click to complete the order online. is available on the Openserve and MetroFibre Networx infrastructure, and will soon be available on all other networks.

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