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We provide 100% uncapped and unshaped premium internet, connectivity, VoIP and other IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

IT solutions such as VoIP, Cyber security, Mesh Wi-Fi, Hotspots and other solutions can also be provided, all with one team so you don’t have to spend time shopping around.
* Only available to specific retail parks on our GPON network, please view our coverage map to view your available connectivity solutions.

Fibre to your Business Park

MetroFibre Networx is a carrier class Ethernet (CE 3.0) infrastructure company, that today provides highly managed fibre optic broadband connectivity in South Africa.

MetroFibre leverages an open access fibre network to provide reliable, quality fibre internet connectivity for businesses, including benefits such as symmetrical upload and download speeds, managed contention ratios, uncapped and unshaped with a focus on business customer service excellence.

Ideal for property developers, owners and tenants of business property in the following ways:
  • During property development, or after development, MetroFibre will install fibre infrastructure at no cost to the property owner.
  • The fibre connections in the business park can be used for connectivity for guardhouse and security camera solutions as well as VoIP systems.
  • Fibre boosts economic development by providing greater access to advanced technologies and e-commerce opportunities in your area.
  • Solutions suit every development from high-density small business offices to high-end enterprise developments.
  • Contact with one person throughout the project regarding any concerns you might have.
  • No capital outlay required for the fibre installation, maintenance or monitoring.
  • Increases marketability of the property / office park.
  • MetroFibre can connect your offices and your tenants offices to major data centres around the country.
  • Cloud, cyber security and IP transit solutions available.
  • Dedicated account managers and various Service Level agreements to choose from to suit your pocket as well as your tenants.

The ideal offers for ISP’s and Resellers on the MetroFibre Network include:

  • Layer 2 Services: Connecting 2 or more UNIs to create a Point-to-Point, Multipoint-to-Multipoint or a Routed-Multipoint EVC for national branch connectivity enabling seamless site to site communication.
  • Business Broadband: Businesses requiring lightning-fast connectivity