Aug 26, 2015

How to get fibre broadband rolled out to your neighbourhood

If you want fibre in your complex or suburb, you may have to take matters into your own hands.

In May 2014, Parkhurst in Johannesburg took its broadband future into its own hands when it announced it had put out a request for proposals for infrastructure providers to build a fibre network in the neighbourhood.

Vumatel won the bid, and the first house in Parkhurst’s fibre-to-the-home network went live in October 2014.

Other suburbs and residential estates copied Parkhurst’s idea and launched similar bidding processes for fibre infrastructure in their areas.

While the formula for getting the interest of fibre providers seems straight-forward, executing it is often not that easy.

To find out what home owners’ associations and body corporates should do to ensure they attract the attention of network companies, we asked Vumatel for advice.