Apr 25, 2022

MetroFibre doubles up on speed and introduces new packages on its open access network for FTTH customers

MetroFibre Networx has announced a major overhaul of its Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) speed packages that will make it one of the most competitive currently available in the market. The open access Fibre Network Operator (FNO) is upgrading and doubling up line speeds on all its FTTH fibre packages at no additional cost, and also introducing a new entry level 20Mbps package, a 500Mbps and a 1Gbps package for intensive users. The overhaul is part of MetroFibre’s drive to make quality fibre internet access as ubiquitous and accessible as possible for South Africans. The product adjustments will be effective from 1 May 2022 and rolled out over a two-week period after that.

Existing MetroFibre direct FTTH customers will automatically be upgraded to the next higher speed at no additional cost.  Customers of ISPs and resellers operating on the MetroFibre network will be advised by their ISPs/resellers as to the timing of the upgrade rollout. With its open access model, customers can also choose from multiple approved Internet service providers, packages and prices, on the MetroFibre network.

The changes include:

  • MetroFibre will launch a new entry level 20Mbps package. Customers currently on the 25Mbps package will be upgraded to 50Mbps at the same price, and the 25Mbps package will be discontinued.  The new 20Mbps package is symmetrical and uncapped and will be sold for as little as R400 per month or possibly less.
  • MetroFibre will also introduce a new 500Mbps FTTH package to ensure that existing 200Mbps and 300Mbps customers benefit from the upgrade – customers on these packages will automatically be upgraded to 500Mpbs.
  • A new package for those serious users or large families will be introduced and offers an asymmetrical 1Gbps download speed with 250Mbps upload speed.
  • All upgraded packages allow uncapped data usage and are unshaped and unthrottled. Customers will continue to enjoy the fastest speeds with premium equipment and a quality network, providing the network stability they demand.

“MetroFibre’s upgrade to faster line speeds with no additional cost will provide a significant benefit for customers, especially those who were on lower speeds. The reality is that fast, reliable internet connections have become as important in homes as water and electricity supply for every aspect of work, education, entertainment and leisure.  A technologically-enabled future is the only way to achieve greater economic and social inclusion for all South Africans, and enhances the competitiveness of our economy and people. The enhancements are driven by customer research which shows a demand for value for money, reliability, stability, affordable entry level products and flexibility to move between providers – the voice of our customers underpins our efforts in product innovation and pricing,” explains Jacques de Villiers, Head of Fibre-to-the-Home at MetroFibre.

As MetroFibre is an open access provider, existing customers will continue their relationship with their current Internet Service Provider (ISP) without any interruption – except of course the benefit of radically faster internet speeds and better pricing. This change will bring more competitive pricing to the end-customers of all the ISPs and resellers on the MetroFibre network as a result of its open access policy. MetroFibre’s ISPs and resellers will communicate their new pricing and packages to customers in the coming days. New customers can visit https://metrofibre.co.za/residential/get-connected/ to find a list of all the Internet Service Providers that are available on its network.

Launched in 2010, MetroFibre ranks among the top four fibre network operators in South Africa in terms of number of homes passed, with its open-access network currently passing over 330,000 homes in five provinces across South Africa. The diversified fibre network operator aims to densify its existing networks to reach an additional 150 000 residential homes across the country in 2022, and over 300 000 additional by 2024. The FNO is also pioneering a pay-as-you-go model for underserved areas with unique solutions and packages that cater for customers who may only require intermittent use, where a pay-as-you-go model would be more practical for customers who don’t need an ‘always on’ service.  MetroFibre is well-advanced in providing affordable top-up-packages that allow customers to pay only when they need it, removing the concern of lengthy contracts, particularly important for affordable housing estates and residential areas with high rental occupancy who simply cannot be tied into long-term contracts.

MetroFibre owns and manages its core network which is a globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 3.0 open access network.