Jun 18, 2024

MetroFibre Enhances Cape Town’s Business Landscape with Robust Fibre Architecture

MetroFibre, a leading South African fibre network operator, is thrilled to announce the transformative impact of its state-of-the-art fibre infrastructure for Cape Town businesses. Following the installation of its core business fibre network last year, MetroFibre is now ready to offer unparalleled connectivity solutions to the region.

Before expanding to Cape Town, MetroFibre had already cemented its reputation as the preferred business fibre provider for top companies in Gauteng, particularly those requiring ultra-reliable and high-speed connectivity for critical operations. These companies include major South African banks, hyper-scale operators, mega-city and property developers, as well as dynamic small business operators.

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“At MetroFibre, our priority is to build robust and resilient networks that don’t rely on external infrastructure,” said Anthonie Lombard, MetroFibre’s National Sales Manager. “We adopt the finest networking technologies and practices to create robust business fibre networks that not only meet all our clients’ needs but often exceed them.” This commitment to excellence has been recognised by South Africa’s leading ISPs, who voted MetroFibre, the country’s top fibre network operator in a recent ISPA survey.

Stable and Scalable Networks

Anthonie Lombard emphasizes the forward-looking nature of the network. “Our Cape Town route is geared for the future,” he said. “Scalability is a priority as business technologies evolve.” The network, built on Carrier Ethernet 3.0 standards, offers high resiliency and ultra-low latency, ensuring reliability and performance. This infrastructure is crucial for businesses where even a minute of downtime can be costly.

Customer-centric Growth and Innovation

MetroFibre’s future-focused strategies stem from its customer-first approach to building, maintaining, and managing its networks. “We deliver value for money, ensuring businesses stay securely and reliably connected,” Lombard said. “Our network supports high-throughput applications like generative AI and real-time data processing, crucial for today’s digital demands.” This focus on providing high-calibre connectivity solutions underscores MetroFibre’s commitment to its customers.

By putting customers at the centre of everything they do, MetroFibre continues to lead as South Africa’s most trusted fibre network operator. Their customer-centric approach and dedication to excellence ensure they exceed customer expectations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and beyond.

Commitment to Excellence and Community Impact

MetroFibre’s projects aim to provide superior connectivity while positively impacting communities. “We believe in building networks that empower communities and foster growth,” Lombard noted. The company’s dual focus on service excellence and community contribution ensures progress in education, healthcare, and small business sectors. This approach reflects MetroFibre’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the communities it serves.

“We are committed to delivering outstanding service and support, paving the way for a prosperous and interconnected future,” Lombard concluded. This future-focused approach not only strengthens Cape Town’s digital infrastructure but also equips the city to handle the demands of emerging technologies like IoT and 5G. As connectivity becomes the backbone of modern technologies, MetroFibre is poised to meet these evolving demands.


MetroFibre’s expansion in Cape Town marks a significant milestone in the city’s digital transformation. With its advanced infrastructure, commitment to customer satisfaction, and focus on community impact, MetroFibre is setting a new standard for business connectivity in South Africa. As Cape Town businesses embrace this cutting-edge network, they can look forward to a future of seamless, reliable, and high-speed connectivity, driving innovation and growth across the region.

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