Jun 30, 2020

Metrofibre Networx launches smart security solution for private residential estates and commercial complexes

Metrofibre Networx has launched Metro-i, a turnkey smart security solution using advanced camera technology to deliver real-time security information to onsite physical and monitoring security partners in private residential estates, residential and commercial complexes and gated communities managed by resident associations.

Metro-i is deployed on MetroFibre’s existing fibre infrastructure at each site and bolsters efforts by security and operations management partners with rapid response, end-to-end incident management and improved security situational awareness. The Metro-i solution is tailored to the needs of each private client site, and is interfaced with the existing security operations, bringing together connectivity and security solutions to enable smarter, tech-enabled security response from one central location.

“Our objective with Metro-I is to create a cohesive environment where security and safety are managed in a collaborative and analytical manner between all the role players within an estate or community environment.  Currently, various role players – from the estate management, body corporate, security providers to facility management teams – operate in silos, and they are often all working with disparate systems and platforms.  There is no natural path of when and how security information is shared or analysed in order to enhance and improve security measures and response, not only within the estate environment, but also in the surrounds and neighbouring properties.

“In many instances, security information is withheld by various parties as it is viewed as their intellectual property – security providers see it as providing advantage and the upper-hand in being first to respond, while estate operations view it as a whipping tool to hold their providers to account.     None of this is conducive to creating a secure and crime-free environment.  When it comes to combatting crime and being proactive, the best results are achieved through active intelligence sharing to deliver joint solutions where every role player is accountable and has an active role to play.  This also applies in areas where there is a high density of residential and commercial estates – sharing of crime intelligence across neighbouring estates and security providers is fundamental to rooting out criminal syndicates that target specific areas.  The ability to bring together disparate security platforms and technologies within the Metro-I environment is a gamechanger for security and crime-fighting strategy,” explains Haim Derazon, Chief Product Development and Commercialisation Officer at Metrofibre Networx.

A key benefit for clients is that Metro-i can be tailored to the requirements of each site, and it can integrate many different technologies and platforms  – from intercom and visitor management platforms, access control, CCTV and IoT devices – to deliver a coordinated smart solution for better communication and security for customers. It’s not only about the physical security provided on site, but also having the backing of a powerful technology infrastructure that sits behind it. There are also significant operational efficiencies to be gained by consolidating disparate systems onto one platform to reduce costs and redundancies. It’s a win for contracted service providers who may be faced with many competing priorities, and who may also be juggling diverse and inherited legacy platforms from each site that don’t necessarily talk to each other.  It provides the right information, at the right time and in the right context for all role players.

“By working closely with the existing security and site management partners, we can deploy smart cameras where they are needed and support specific surveillance objectives for the area and any problem spots. We bring in experts to work with the operations and security teams to put in a proper security eco-system and networking that works off the back of our fibre infrastructure, and incorporates any existing security and surveillance assets where possible,” explains Haim.  “The real power of this system and the coordination and integration of the available platforms is the powerful analytical data that it brings together to help eliminate criminal activity.  By consolidating all the data, it allows for powerful data analytics which can be used to improve situational awareness, enable computer-assisted dispatch and uncover distinct patterns or trends revealed in the data analysis – you simply cannot harness this ‘big data’ analytical capability when reporting and data is split across many different platforms that don’t talk to each other,” he adds.

“For commercial and residential estates and private security providers, the Metro-I system provides a powerful means to ensure accountability throughout the operations and security supply chain. It’s a win-win on both sides allowing all role players to deliver on their mandates and protect their tenants and residents from criminal activity as far as possible.  For property owners and security providers, it’s a very appealing solution as there is no need to invest in the technology or infrastructure as it is supplied and maintained by Metrofibre Networx as part of a service level agreement – so essentially it turns capital expenditure into operational expenditure,” concludes Haim.

Metrofibre Networx is SA’s first globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) open access fibre network, connecting cloud, application, voice and Internet service providers with our customers. Today, Metrofibre is a South African ICASA-licensed open access fibre network operator and internet service provider to many of SA’s leading blue-chip companies, multinationals, SMEs and thousands of connected residential customers.

To find out more about Metro-i visit https://metrofibre.co.za/business