Oct 8, 2015

Metrofibre to showcase its Carrier Ethernet network at MyBroadband 2015

MetroFibre will be exhibiting its Carrier Ethernet network that forms the basis of its Internet, voice and cloud services to small, medium and large organisations at the MyBroadband 2015 Conference.

MetroFibre’s metro and access routes are designed to provide carrier class connectivity to as many end users as possible. The core ring is continuously growing as customer and SP demands are taken into consideration for extended network coverage.

“By delivering some of the fastest speeds and most reliable connectivity available today, our Carrier Ethernet 2.0 network will ensure you have the foundation required in place to get things done quickly and reliably,” said Gary Williams, head of Pre Sales Engineering at MetroFibre.

Business Class Fibre Connectivity

MetroFibre’s Business Class Fibre connectivity is a tool that allows you to be more productive and run your business more efficiently.

With super-fast and symmetrical fibre speeds you can rest assured you won’t be kept waiting by that important traffic that needs to get into and out of your business.

A truly Carrier Grade fibre service with guaranteed service availability means your business will always be connected and always “on”.

Quality and Service Assurance

Being Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant enables MetroFibre to provide fibre business services with world-class carrier compliant SLA’s.

The services are pro-actively monitored all the way to the user network interface (UNI) where the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) connects.

Speed of Delivery

Businesses located within MetroFibre pre-fibred parks or suburbs can get connected to their network within 2 to 3 weeks.

Switch to one of the fastest and most reliable networks in South Africa in no time.

About MetroFibre

MetroFibre owns and manages South Africa’s first globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) open access fibre network, connecting over 60 cloud, application, voice and Internet service providers with their customers.

MetroFibre’s  CE 2.0 Carrier Class open access fibre network with ultra-high speed and low latency connections help businesses to gain the maximum value from cutting-edge technologies and is ideally suited to support the most demanding cloud applications, next generation data centre connectivity, high speed file transfer and business continuity solutions.

Source: MyBroadband.co.za