Nov 22, 2012

South Africa Needs The Support Of MEF – DoC Technical Advisor

Roy Kruger, the Technical Advisor to the Minister of Communications, Dina Pule, gave his full support to the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum’s) push into South Africa, stating that telecommunication service providers should join the industry standards body to accelerate connectivity and broadband availability in the country.

Kevin Vachon, COO of the MEF during a meeting with Roy Kruger, technical advisor to the Minister of Communications (image: Charlie Fripp)

“Our vision as a nation is to give each individual access to broadband services by 2020,” stated Kruger at the MEF’s inaugural Ethernet Business Services Seminar.  “The MEF has global experience of providing the necessary standards to allow different networks to connect to each other through common standards.  This approach is compelling in South Africa, which has great networks, but which lacks the interconnectivity to deliver the national and international world-class network we need.  South Africa needs the MEF to get all parties to interconnect and quickly.”

Kevin Vachon, COO of the MEF, and Gary Williams, Head of Pre-sales engineering, MetroFibre networx and Co Chair of Marketing of the MEF in South Africa and several industry luminaries, including Richard Came, President of the FTTH and serial entrepreneur and Sunil Joshi, CEO of Neotel outlined their vision for the country’s Ethernet driven national connectivity, which all agreed would be the quickest and most cost effective solution.

The MEF seminar brought together interested parties from across the industry to showcase how MEF standards which will deliver high speed services to businesses, enable the nation’s 4G rollout and cost-effectively transport traffic to and from rural regions.

“The MEF will change the network landscape of South Africa and the rest of the continent.  Carrier Ethernet provides established, globally adopted services standards. If MEF standards can be adopted across the food chain and government can facilitate, we have the ability to rapidly connect our national networks together.  This will have a hugely positive impact on the nation’s productivity,” said Gary Williams.

Staff writer IT News Africa