Mar 1, 2024

Super Fast, Affordable Fibre Connectivity Comes to Zwide

As part of a massive drive to ensure that fibre connectivity and real fibre speeds at affordable pricing reaches underserved communities, MetroFibre will launch its experiential ‘Fibre Experience’ store in Zwide, Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape.

This is MetroFibre’s second experiential store opening in the iBhayi region, with the first opening in New Brighton in December 2023.  To date, MetroFibre’s network has passed over 20 650 homes in New Brighton, Zwide and parts of KwaZakhele and over 2 800 customers are already active on its network.

The Fibre Experience Store provides Zwide community members with a safe and convenient space, close to home, to learn more about fibre internet, try out Wi-Fi for free, order a service, get technical support and assistance. Existing customers can also visit the store for free Wi-Fi access if there is loadshedding or a network outage in the area.

“It’s our mission to educate consumers on what their connectivity options are, and to demonstrate that fast, stable, and reliable fibre internet access is within their reach and highly affordable when compared to other connectivity technologies. This is about supporting homes and businesses in Zwide to participate meaningfully in our digital economy across every facet of their personal and business connectivity needs,” says Jan-Jan Bezuidenhout, CEO of MetroFibre.

“Our fibre connectivity is also available on a pay-as-you-go option with our MetroConnect prepaid fibre solution. It provides the flexibility to top-up when you need to, for as long as you need it, and there’s no long-term contract. It’s an ideal solution for customers whose needs can be met with an affordable 20Mbps solution, with no contractual liabilities and no cancellation fees. This product solves the costly mobile data dilemma for customers where fibre has not been accessible until now,” adds Jan-Jan.

For those consumers seeking convenience and an always-on, month-to-month service without the need to top up, there is always the option to order a standard MetroFibre fibre-to-the-home package on a month-to-month contract basis.

Fibre is the best value for money and quality, with uncapped and unlimited solutions to meet the needs of every family member at home, at the same time. It’s the ultimate alternative solution to costly mobile data, which has its place for connectivity needs on the go but is impractical and expensive in meeting the increasingly data-intensive needs of entire family units.

“Having quality fibre connectivity at home that can handle our data-intensive lifestyles, at an affordable price, is crucial. Our fibre-to-the-home users in Zwide now have access to fast line speeds, backed by great service and support levels, in their back yard. Our services can accommodate multiple devices of entire family units that connect simultaneously, as well as meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world of work, learning and entertainment, at an affordable price,” says Jan-Jan.

MetroFibre’s Experience Store is located at the corner of Spondo and Koyana Roads, Zwide.  Employees at the store have been recruited from the local community, providing job opportunities in the area.

Fibre Package offerings on MetroFibre’s Network

The MetroConnect package has a starter pack which is priced at R260, it includes a free-to-use ONT/Router (which remains the property of MetroFibre), activation, installation and two weeks uncapped 20Mbps speed service.

For a MetroConnect top up, starting at R20 for 24 hours up to R400 for 30 days, you get access to an unlimited data, uncapped symmetrical 20Mbps package which means that everyone in your household can use as much data as they like, for the duration of your selected top-up period. The package allows you to top up only when you need it, removing the concern of lengthy contracts.

The MetroFibre fibre-to-the-home packages offers customers 20Mbps, 75Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1 Gbps line speeds on a Month-to-month contract, at the price points below.

Upload Speed

Download Speed





75 Mbps

75 Mbps


250 Mbps

250 Mbps


500 Mbps

500 Mbps



500 Mbps


We’ve got new products launching soon, please watch out for these.