Feb 29, 2024

Unlimited connectivity for your family – What to choose?

Choosing the right internet connection for your needs and budget can often leave you with more questions than answers. Which technology is best – LTE, 5G, or super fast fibre? What is the difference between a capped and uncapped service?  What impact does the upload and download speed have, and why does it even matter? What is latency? How do I choose the right connectivity solution for my entire family’s needs, without blowing up the bank?

Here’s our simple and painless, in-a-nutshell account of all the important stuff you need to know to make an informed decision, minus the tech-speak…

Picture your family at home: you’re kicking back on the couch binge-watching your fave series, Gogo is catching up with her friends on a WhatsApp video call, the kids have just finished their online homework and are now firing up the PlayStation and then…. NOTHING!  Suddenly it all stops! (and it’s not loadshedding!!) The SMS comes through – “Your data has run out”. You need to top-up on mobile data, at a hefty cost, to get the fun going again, or risk family war.

Not with uncapped fibre.  With a fibre connection, there is no topping up – it’s always on, it’s unlimited and everyone at home gets to share in the connected happiness! Uncapped fibre means unlimited data, so you and your family can stream, game, work, and learn as much as you want. No more topping up on expensive mobile data on multiple devices!

Speed is also important. LTE & 5G may be fast, but they become slow when the network gets crowded – what’s called ‘congestion’ – like a really bad head cold.  Some providers also throttle your line speed if they think you’re using too much data. When you get fibre internet, you unlock consistent super fast upload and download speeds without limits! Downloading is like receiving information and uploading is like sending information. And by the way, if your home is geared with a 250Mbps or higher fibre connection, you’ll leave the likes of 5G and LTE in the dust.

Latency is another important consideration, especially if you are a gamer or work from home and use video conferencing. Latency is the time it takes to send and receive information over your connection. High latency means there is a big delay in the transfer of information, while low latency happens quickly, which is what you absolutely want. You may have experienced high latency when halfway through a movie or online meeting, the video starts buffering and glitching and freezing. With fibre connectivity, you get seamless streaming, minimal lag, buffer-free internet.

Finally, there is price. Mobile data is expensive, especially when you’re buying for multiple devices and often paying per meg or gig. With Fibre you purchase the speed you want, and the gigs are unlimited and completely uncapped.  Maybe you are considering uncapped LTE or 5G?  The bottom line is that your fibre connection will outperform all other technology on the most important metrics of speed, quality, price, and convenience – unlimited fibre connects all your devices and that of your family simultaneously, on one account, without worrying about topping up on data, or annoying buffering in the middle of your epic gaming match.

Get super fast, quality, uncapped fibre at home, and share the ‘connected joy’ with your whole family.