Jul 16, 2018

Your Guide to Selecting the Ideal Fibre Line Speed for Your Needs

With fibre installations growing in accessibility and popularity, you may be thinking about moving over to fibre. Given the fact that fibre is much faster and far more reliable than copper-line ADSL, especially since fibre speed doesn’t drop at longer distances from the exchange, it is definitely time to make the move.

The question you will want to ask next is: ‘Which line speed is ideal for my needs?’ MetroFibre Networx offers these easy to follow guidelines to choosing the line speed to match your needs:

Fibre Line Speeds Available

5 – 10 Mbps: ADSL speeds, but reliable (typically suitable for 1 to 3 devices)

For simple home usage that isn’t very intensive, the 5 to 10 Mbps option is adequate. If you have one to three people using the internet at a time for web searches, checking email and minimal social media, then this option would is ideal for you.

This Fibre line speed option gives you decent speed at a reasonable price for a much more reliable connection than ADSL. This option, like those below, also allows for reliable VoIP.

25 – 50 Mbps: A taste of what fibre is capable of (typically suitable for up to 5 devices)

With the 25 to 50 Mbps option you start moving into the possibilities that fibre has opened up for internet users like 4k video streaming for 1 device at a time. This line can reliably support HD streaming for up to five devices at the same time, and is ideal for casual gamers who require rapid, reliable speeds.

Obviously, these speeds are more than capable of web browsing, social media and voice/video calls.

100 – 200 Mbps: High speeds for extensive usage (typically suitable for 5+ users)

High-speed internet is a huge benefit to both home users with heavy use and/ or Businesses in today’s world. The 100 and 200 Mbps line speeds are perfect for businesses and homes where multiple users are making use of high-bandwidth-use applications such as 4k streaming, online gaming, seamless video calls and urgent research. The speed and reliability which offers that instant gratification and connection to the global web is your greatest benefit with these line speeds.